QuayQuip Cell fenders for new Chile coal port

Two QuayQuip Cell Fender systems installed at Isla Riesco coal port in Chile

Closer view of QuayQuip QCL Cell Fender System during installation at Isla Riesco coal port in ChileQuayQuip QCL Cell Fenders are hard at work protecting the new Muelle de Carbon (coal port) at Isla Riesco in southern Chile.

Part of a $530 million mining development project aimed at bolstering Chile’s independence from energy imports, the $50 million port at Isla Riesco will ship up to six million tonnes of coal every year from three new mines.

Isla Riesco lies west of Chile’s Brunswick Peninsula, between Skyring Sound and Otway Sound. A mountainous, heavily glaciated island overlooking the Strait of Magellan, it has a sparse population.

QuayQuip were asked to supply four Cell Fender systems to receive coal carriers up to 140,000t. The systems have been installed onto a concrete and pile dolphin structure. Compact ‘crossover’ shear chains lower the footprint of each system and protect vital chain components from non-standard impacts.

Four complete fender systems were delivered in the Summer of 2012. QuayQuip’s design included large QCL 2000 Cell Fender units behind panels 2.3m wide by 5.5m high.

Coal shipments are expected to commence during 2013 and will continue for several decades.

Customers in Latin America can contact QuayQuip’s regional representative by clicking here.