Orders roll in for QuayQuip Wheel Fenders

2012 was QuayQuip’s best year yet for wheel fender orders, and 2013 could be busier still.

Last year, the historic South African naval base of Simon’s Town took delivery of fourteen sets of QuayQuip QWF wheel fenders: twelve for the drydock and one at each corner of a ship syncrolift.

Later in the year, another two QuayQuip wheel fenders were installed at the newly constructed Damen Shipyards Sharjah FZE in the United Arab Emirates, where they protect vessels approaching the shipyard’s syncrolift. Another 42 units of 3m diameter are on their way to a port development in Belgium, plus a further six of 1.1m diameter further inland.

In 2013, QuayQuip will supply the Panama Canal Expansion with the latest generation of wheel fenders to safely guide vessels past the Canal’s approach structures. Until now the design of wheel fenders had changed little since the first installations in the early 1960s. QuayQuip have significantly improved on the conventional design, making it compliant with the latest PIANC recommendations, substantially reducing hull pressures to 200kPa, absorbing more energy than ever, and with the ability to cope with ship flare angles.

QuayQuip News will publish more about these stories later in the year, along with announcements of new QWF Wheel Fender orders.

For more information please contact your nearest QuayQuip office.