More QuayQuip cone fenders for Malaysia

QuayQuip cone fender installation at Northport Malaysia

Northport is one of the principal sections of Klang Port, Malaysia. As part of its development programme, an order was placed at the end of 2012 for QuayQuip QCN 1150 Cone Fender systems. The systems, including UHMW-PE faced panels 1.9m wide by 5.5m high, plus chains and fixings, were delivered in April 2013.

Northport’s history can be traced back to when it opened near the mouth of the River Klang over 110 years ago. Port Klang grew rapidly throughout the 20th century to become Malaysia’s principal doorway to maritime commerce. More than 60% of the nation’s trade now passes through the port, which has a container handling capacity of around 4.9 million TEU and receives vessels up to 120,000 tonne displacement.

Northport is the latest of many ports in the region to be fitted with QuayQuip fenders. We expect to announce more orders in  the near future.

If you are working on a project in Malaysia or neighbouring countries, please contact QuayQuip’s regional representative to see how we can help you.

The image gallery shows the new fenders receiving a 5th generation Post-Panamax vessel. Keen-eyed readers will notice that some chains are still in place from earlier fender systems. Please visit the blog again soon to see photos taken after the post-installation cleanup.